Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the sport, there’s always something new to discover in the world of mountain biking.

With various types of mountain biking disciplines offering unique experiences and challenges, there’s a style for every rider.

Get ready to explore the exhilarating world of mountain biking and find the perfect discipline for you!

The Different Types of Mountain Biking Disciplines

Cross Country (XC)

Cross Country (XC)

Cross Country (XC) is a popular form of mountain biking that involves off-road cycling on varied terrains, with a focus on endurance and technical skills.

XC mountain biking demands not only physical stamina but also mental toughness and strategic planning as riders navigate diverse landscapes, from flat to steep and technical trails on their cross country mountain bikes.

XC bikes, also known as cross country bikes, are designed with efficiency and control in mind, making them some of the lightest mountain bikes on the market. Typically weighing between seven and sixteen kilograms, modern XC bikes feature lockable front suspension with 100-120 mm travel and frame geometries optimized for pedaling and climbing.

While hardtail mountain bikes are a common choice for XC, full suspension mountain bikes can provide a smoother ride and better control on rough trails.

Trail Riding

Trail Riding

Trail riding takes the essence of XC and cranks it up a notch, offering a more aggressive experience on rugged singletracks, large obstacles, and technical features. Riders tackle various terrains, from flat to steep and technical, pushing their skills and endurance to the limit.

Full suspension bikes, such as the full suspension bike, are the go-to choice for trail riding, providing comfort and efficiency on challenging trails and technical descents. Enduro mountain bikes are an excellent option due to their strong wheels and tires, ultra-responsive brakes, and wider handlebars for extra control.

So gear up, hit the trails, and experience the thrill of tackling nature’s obstacles head-on!

All Mountain (AM)

All Mountain (AM)

All Mountain (AM) biking takes mountain biking to the extreme, as riders face daunting natural obstacles, jumps, and drops on their quest for adventure.

This discipline combines technical terrain, trails, and all-purpose trail bikes, resulting in a more aggressive riding experience than XC while still less focused on downhill than Enduro.

To conquer the challenges of All Mountain (AM) biking, riders need a lightweight yet sturdy bike with ample suspension. Protective gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, is also essential to ensure safety while tackling extreme obstacles and terrains.

Embrace the challenge, and experience the excitement of AM biking!

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking is all about speed and adrenaline. Riders navigate steep descents, jumps, and rough terrain on full suspension bikes designed specifically for this high-octane discipline.

Downhill biking pushes riders to their limits, as they race against the clock and battle gravity on treacherous trails.

Downhill bikes are uniquely designed for high-speed descents, featuring a frame shape that optimizes rider positioning, full suspension, and around 200mm of travel to conquer even the roughest of ground. Protective gear, including full-face helmets, body plates, and goggles, is essential for safety while tackling intense downhill courses.

Gear up, and let the adrenaline flow!



Enduro is a versatile mountain biking discipline that combines elements of XC, downhill, and climbing in a thrilling mix of endurance and speed.

With timed stages and races that challenge riders to tackle uphill climbs at their own pace, followed by exhilarating downhill sections against the clock, Enduro offers a unique bike racing experience.

Most enduro riders opt for enduro bikes with full suspension and 140 to 170 mm of travel, providing the perfect balance between climbing efficiency and downhill performance. While a hardtail or lightweight cross country bike may make climbs easier, riders will struggle on the descents. Enduro racing demands specialized bikes and protective equipment, ensuring riders can tackle the challenges and thrills of this exciting discipline.


A mountain biker performing a trick on a slopestyle course

Freeriding is a creative discipline related to downhill biking, focusing on technical trail features, tricks, and stunts.

Riders showcase their skills and style on custom-built courses, pushing the limits of what’s possible on two wheels. Freeriding offers an artistic and adrenaline-fueled outlet for mountain bikers looking to break free from traditional racing formats.

Modern bikes designed for freeriding offer maneuverability and performance, allowing riders to navigate challenging courses and execute jaw-dropping tricks. These trail bike models are similar to downhill rigs, with full suspension and compact designs for easy maneuvering during aerial stunts.

Embrace the creative side of mountain biking and explore the world of freeriding!

Specialty Mountain Biking Styles

Beyond the main disciplines, the world of mountain biking offers unique and exciting specialty styles that cater to riders looking for something different.

From the gravity-defying tricks of Slopestyle to the high-speed head-to-head races of Pump Track and the exhilarating fusion of Speed and Style, these specialty styles showcase the incredible diversity and creativity within the sport. Get ready to uncover the thrilling world of specialty mountain biking styles!

Each specialty style comes with its own set of challenges and thrills, requiring specific skills, bike types, and equipment to excel. Whether you’re looking to push your limits on the aerial courses of Slopestyle or master the art of gaining speed without pedaling on Pump Track, these styles offer endless opportunities for skill development, creativity, and excitement. Dive in and explore the amazing world of specialty mountain biking styles!



Slopestyle is an aerial trick competition that takes place on downhill courses, with riders judged on their technical ability, execution, originality, and flow.

Events like Crankworx showcase the best riders in the world, pushing the limits of what’s possible in this gravity-defying discipline.

Slopestyle bikes are designed for maneuverability and performance, enabling riders to execute jaw-dropping tricks and navigate challenging courses with ease. These bikes combine the best features of freeride and dual slalom, offering riders the perfect platform for showcasing their skills and creativity.

Experience the thrill of Slopestyle and witness the incredible feats of the world’s best riders!

Pump Track

Pump Track

Pump Track racing involves short, looping tracks with whoops, rollers, and bermed corners, where riders gain speed by pumping the bike through the course without pedaling.

These fast and dramatic head-to-head races showcase the agility and skill of riders as they navigate the challenging course and compete for the fastest times.

Pump. Pump. Track bikes are a unique blend of BMX and hardtail mountain bikes, featuring suspension forks at the front and a low saddle for increased maneuverability. Mastering the art of gaining speed without pedaling requires practice and skill, but the thrill of high-speed head-to-head races makes Pump Track an exhilarating experience for riders and spectators alike.

Get ready to pump your way to victory!

Speed and Style

Speed and Style

Speed and Style is a high-energy event that combines elements of slopestyle and dual slalom, with a focus on both tricks and speed.

Riders race head-to-head on parallel courses, performing gravity-defying tricks while navigating challenging obstacles and jumps. The result is a thrilling spectacle that captivates spectators and pushes riders to their limits.

The ideal bike for Speed and Style is a fusion of slopestyle and dual slalom bikes, offering the perfect balance of maneuverability, suspension, and performance. Riders must master both aerial tricks and high-speed racing techniques to excel in this exciting discipline.

Experience the excitement of Speed and Style firsthand and witness the incredible fusion of speed, skill, and style!

The Mountain Biking Community

The Mountain Biking Community

The mountain biking community is a diverse and welcoming group of enthusiasts who share a passion for the sport and its many disciplines. From local trails to group rides, races and events, the community is built on camaraderie and a shared love for adventure on two wheels. No matter your skill level or discipline preference, there’s a place for you in the mountain biking community.

Local trails, group rides, and races and events are crucial in fostering camaraderie and skill development among mountain bikers. These activities not only provide opportunities for riders to hone their skills and challenge themselves, but also create lasting friendships and memories.

Join the mountain biking community and experience the thrill, excitement, and camaraderie that define this incredible sport.

Local Trails

Local Trails are essential for mountain bikers to practice and hone their skills, offering a variety of terrains and difficulty levels to cater to different disciplines and riders abilities. From easy and flat trails to steep and technical challenges, local trails provide the perfect playground for mountain bikers to explore and develop their skills.

Finding local trails can be as simple as asking around in your local mountain biking community, searching online, or checking with local bike shops and outdoor stores. These resources can help you uncover hidden gems and beloved trails near your home, offering endless opportunities for adventure and skill development. Immerse yourself in the world of local trails and unlock a whole new world of mountain biking excitement.

Group Rides

Group Rides offer a social aspect to mountain biking, allowing riders to learn from each other, explore new trails, and challenge themselves in a supportive environment. These rides bring together mountain bikers of all skill levels and disciplines, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for the sport.

To make the most of group rides, be aware of the terrain, communicate with other riders, and be prepared for any mechanical issues that may arise. Additionally, be mindful of the group’s pace and always be respectful of the other riders.

Embrace the spirit of group rides, and experience the joy of mountain biking with friends old and new!

Races and Events

Races and Events provide opportunities for mountain bikers to test their skills against others, participate in unique challenges, and celebrate the sport with fellow enthusiasts. From local races to international competitions, these events showcase the incredible talent and dedication of mountain bikers worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the competitive scene, races and events offer an exciting platform to push your limits and learn from the best in the sport. Participate in events like downhill, cross-country, slopestyle, enduro, and four-cross races, or attend skills clinics, festivals, and trail workdays to grow as a rider and contribute to the mountain biking community.

Embrace the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of the mountain biking world through races and events.


Mountain biking is an incredible sport that offers countless opportunities for adventure, skill development, and camaraderie among riders. With various disciplines and specialty styles catering to different preferences, there’s a world of excitement waiting for you on two wheels. From local trails to group rides, races and events, the mountain biking community is a diverse and welcoming group that shares a passion for this exciting sport. Embark on your mountain biking journey and discover the thrill and excitement that awaits on the trails!